How To Sell

1. Click “Partner with us” button.

2. Fill in the store registration. You can register either Facebook or Gmail.

3. Fill in the additional information that is required to set up your merchant.

4. Access your real-time merchant dashboard.

5. Click on the Catalogue button.

6. Group your products and services into different categories under Category(3).

7. Click [+] to add more category and fill the form.

8. Click on right button to add your product under Category(3) with details and image(s) under Product(6).

9. Click on right button product to add variants/add-on detail descriptions under Product(6).

10. Product Details will be displayed upon completion of process as shown below.

11. After completion of above steps, your product catalogues will be published on your web page. Please contact us if you wish to have animated banner ads to make your page more attractive.