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Can I use an internationally issued credit card?

  • For now our platform is not yet issued for the credit card on international services.

How to pay via cash at a mart?

  • For now, payment for cash is only available between the customer and seller only.

How do I rate the courier service for the item that I purchase?

  • Tukar ayat yang sesuai.

How to pay with COD?

  • You can pay by cash (COD) when you make the payment after selecting the address that you want to be delivered.

Can I change my mode of payment?

  • You can change the mode of payment when you already make the choice of the product you are buying.

Can I change my address after placing an order?

  • No, you only can change the address during the checkout getaway before you make the payment.

Can I get a refund after I cancel my order?

  • For this part, we didn’t yet determine the process of refunding the item.

What payment methods are available? 

  • The payment method that is available now on our platform is BillPlz platform, Pay by Cash only.

What is Sapotlokal supported logistics?

  • Logistics services that supported on our platform now are all the national courier services

How do I rate the products that I already purchased?

  • This features right now isn’t yet available to our customer yet

Is an installment plan available for the payment method?

  • For now we only accept the pay by cash or the FPX payment method

Is it Sapotlokal wallet are available?

  • This features now not yet available for payment method since we didn’t featured it yet

Is E-Wallet payment available?

  • For this payment method it is not available due to the payment method that we only used now are only focused on pay by cash or FPX transactions.

Is there a limit for my purchase of the products?

  • There isn’t any limit for purchasing the products, it’s all left to the seller if he/she makes a limit to the purchase method.

What is Sapotlokal guarantee to me as a seller?

  • You can refer to our website in menu of terms and conditions

How many supported bank channels are available for online payment?

  • For now as available on Billplz payment platform, it supports all kinds of banks that are available in Malaysia.

How can I check my order status?

There is 2 way to check:

  1. When you already made the payment then it will show you the button track the order
  2. You can check in your profile section and there you can see the history of your order and you can track all the delivery process.

How do I make payment using credit/debit cards? Is it safe for payment?

  • Yes you can make the payment by using credit/debit cards and it is guaranteed safe for all.

How can I contact Sapotlokal customer services?

Will I get a receipt for my order on sapotlokal.com.my ?

  • You will get receipt on your email after you already make a purchase

What would happen if I didn’t make the payment on time?

  • You order will automatically cancel

How do I select the courier for my purchases and what are the types of delivery services offered?

  • This feature still under testing and will be available after next update by us

What are the terms and conditions for Sapotlokal?