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In this day and age, it is obvious that any business must have a strong internet presence. Owners of businesses understand that having a useful, and visually appealing website will increase client traffic. The same holds true for having a sizable online presence. You almost certainly promote your company on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Local company listing on a local marketplace platform such as Sapotlokal. The importance of having local listings and using them may be beneficial to the business.

Consider local company listings on a local marketplace platform to be a modern-day phonebook. People nowadays are more likely to search online for information about a specific type of service whenever they need it. 

Sapotlokal, as a local business platform, will post contact information for local service providers. It is an easy way to improve vendors’ digital marketing. Sapotlokal is also a local marketplace platform where local restaurants and other service providers can serve customers in their immediate vicinity. Customers can place pre-orders for self pickup or dine-in at local restaurants, as well as pre-order groceries for self pickup. Customers who pre-order for self pickup or a dine-in reservation can avoid queuing and waiting. Some customers may require immediate home repair and can easily obtain the contact information of service providers to arrange for the service. The location-based food and service providers on Sapotlokal’s online marketplace platform may provide excellent service to nearby customers.

Bookings for service providers with Sapotlokal :
For General Service Providers
– General service providers with Sapotlokal may accept online bookings for plumbing, carpentry, gardening, electrical services, roadside assistance, and more.
For Restaurants
– Restaurants with Sapotlokal may accept online reservations for self pickup or dine-in reservations. Sapotlokal enables restaurateurs to better manage their bookings, calendar, and capacity, while also providing potential diners with real-time or scheduled booking availability.

Do You Want To Learn More About Sapotlokal?

As a Vendor

Subscription fee packages:

  • First year trial : 12 months free of charges
  • Second year :
    • Monthly subscription : RM 50.00/month (monthly payment)
    • Annual subscription : RM 120.00/year (Annual payment with 80% discount)

    (Subject to change upon renewal of subscription packages without further notice)

Sale/Service Commission fee of 6% on product or service sub-total amount.

As a Customer

A fixed Transaction fee of RM 1.00 is chargeable on every single transaction.

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