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  • Self-pickup orders placed online can be very convenient for everyone
    • Pick-up your order like drive-thru at Restaurants or Grocery retail shops near your area.
    • Instead of hopping from one place to another, it is much easier and faster to look for suitable automotive spare parts through a marketplace platform.
    • It is extremely beneficial when you require an urgent medical supply and are unsure where to buy.

  • This web application makes it very simple to book a service appointment online
    • This app can be used to schedule impromptu dinners.
    • This platform makes it simple to schedule Handyman for home repairs.
    • Roadside assistance for a vehicle that has broken down halfway is extremely beneficial.
    • Looking for nearby lodging during late arrival.
    • Reservations for scheduled game activity at a nearby sport facility.

Sapotlokal’s App Flow

All of the services listed on the Sapotlokal platforms are legally registered businesses.

Our Main Features

Get the services you need without leaving your house. Order through the Sapotlokal app or the website.

Pre-order and self-pickup, similar to a drive-thru, to save time on parking, queuing, and waiting.

Pre-ordering for dine-in reservations helps restaurants sell ahead of time and customers ensure there are seats available at a given time.

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